Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Model Request In

Today was a fun day. I submitted my model selections to the model management folks for Omaha Fashion Week. Now it is just wait and see if I get who I wanted. Thanks goes to Lani Bresler for assisting me with so many things.
Got a nice thank you note from my hat instructor thanking me for thanking her! Great gal!
I have a big long list of additional classes I want to take....derby hats in my future? Will see.
My greatest hat ever will be on its lovely owner this weekend for her special event....can hardly wait to get pictures. Hope her great looks and her special hat knocks everyone's socks off so to speak.
Her Mom will look fabulous too.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day off from CWS?

College World Series Fans Take a short drive to Exit 440 and go south 6 miles, and visit Springfield Artworks and other Main St businesses. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surface Design Conference in San Antonio

The Surface Design Association Conference was incredible, from the tour of the President Jane Dunnewold's Studio to the final talk, it was all very inspiring.  Meeting Otto Von Busch, an instructor at Parson's School of Design, was special to me since I'm in my first ever Fashion Week with my fascinator hats.

Attending these special conferences really inspire me.  I hope I can go again when the conference is in Tulsa, OK.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and volunteered their time for a successful event.
The College World Series is happening as we speak in Omaha, my town.  It's always a great event.  We have an ad in the Omaha Magazine so that when folks have some free time, they can take a little ride to Exit 440 off of I-80 and go 6 miles to our studio and gallery at 183 Main St, Springfield,NE. Should be a fun week.
I have been busy creating fascinator hats for Omaha Fashion, fun.....Last night was the final Model call for potential models for the event in August.  My pieces will be modeled by 8 models during the VIP reception and at the reception area on Thursday, August 22.  It's exciting!  I am learning a lot about preparing for this large event.  Tomorrow evening I meet with the interviewers to discuss my progress with the hats....The designers are divided into teams and we will all be in the discussion together..It will be a great learning experience I am sure.  This is my first time to particpate in such an event....Wish me luck!