Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sarpy County Fair

The fair is next week August 4-8 and we will be open Wednesday from 1-9pm so that all the fairgoers can check us out. As an old, or I should say, 4-H alum, the fair is always a special event for me (margie).

The Sarpy County Chamber is having a ribbon cutting and business after hours from 4-6 next Wednesday so hope everyone can welcome them. We are Sarpy county chamber members...just ck out our front door!

Nebraskaland Magazine/ Country Register

Nebraskaland magazines are available at the Gallery as well as Country Register. The register is free but the Nebraskaland is $4.95. Great pictures and stories in each...and we have an ad in each of them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creativity, fashion, how we create fashion from varius cultures

Tonight we learned how our fashions are derived from various cultures. Wonderful program. More on this later. Sat next to woman who has lived in Brazil and China....great conversation. Everyone asks me why I am at a conf for spinners and weavers and I don't do either one....more on that later too. Stay tuned. Two more felted bags are coming back with me to the gallery. You will love them. Hopefully they will find a home in Omaha/Springfield, Lincoln area. Visited my favorite gallery in Albuquerque today, the Pallette....wonderful glass.

Great felted mini-purses for the gallery

Can't wait to get back. Have 3 exquisite small purses to add to the inventory. Also will be teaching how to make them. My mind is going a bit crazy with class ideas. Also will be teaching a class on funky flowers out of colorful cotton fabric. Bought some never before seen (by me) fabric at a great quilt shop on my way back to the hotel yesterday. Also, will be making some cards using hand woven black and white yarn...but will add a special twist....a felted flower...or an abstract design.....and maybe I will use some of my wonderfully dyed alpaca pieces I got in Illinois last weekend. Also, have some new dyed silk to do some nuno felting ....and will hopefully get some dyed silk ribbon today. I am soooooo excited to be bringing back my new finds! Hope you make it out to the gallery.

Trip to Espanola,NM

Yesterday took a drive to Espanola to the Fiber Arts Studio. I thought there was a special exhibit time read my notes. It wasn't there, it was in Albuquerque!!! That's OK I got to visit a fine not for profit fiber arts studio and shop. I learned a bit about Navaho embroidery and bought some cloth and a couple of small skeins of Navaho Churro yarn. Navaho Churro wool is used for rugs and heavier pieces. It is quite sturdy.

Fashion Show HGA

Last night was a fantastic fashion show in Albuquerque at the Handweavers Guild of America conf. There were some competitive garments by students from the U of NE....very lovely. Kent State University had quite a few and they were outstanding. Pieces were dyed or felted or woven. Some of the models looked 10 feet tall :). Lighting and Music were great.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whew, what a weekend of Fiber and classes

Fantastic weekend in Illinois at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival. Great music, bar-b-que and fibers to dye for! Took a class on dyeing was great. I'll be teaching this for it or give me a call. Learned a lot more about various silk products, thanks to an LA artist and fiber person. Hopefully will be giving talks on some of these fibers in the future. Big week at Convergence coming up...Whew!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In case you don't know.....

Anne Lullie is a fantastic art quilter....I am so excited to have her blouses in the gallery. Some day, maybe quilts!

Anne shirts

Shirts just arrived and 3 sold immediately....better hurry if you want one! They are mostly L,XL and 2X.

Great Tuesday!

Made a quick trip to Lincoln,NE this am. Saw some beautiful artwork and fabric. I am on a mission with my new find in the fabric arena....just a bit of cotton and some paints.....should look great.

Created some very cool pins with felting method over the weekend...added some beads...Wow, they are great. Will probably take them with me to the HGA event in Albuquerque soon. Looking forward to the fiber tour in Santa Fe and the classes I will be taking. Also hoping to meet up with my glass etching teacher, Ruth Dobbins. Glenn will be "in charge" at the gallery.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Daughters new updated book

Dayna Hilton, our daughter is working fast and furious on her updated book...Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and also on her new book Sparkles Goes to Boston. It's exciting.

Rosenblatt Stadium yesterday

Went to an OMaha Royals ballgame yesterday with the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce. Had to leave early but the pre-game tour of the stadium and the pavilion get together was fun. Didn't realize that they had specialty areas for rent...sort of reminded me of the high rent areas at the United Center in Chicago minus the gourmet food. New stadium is really close to our gallery...just a few miles away. Can't wait!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Play day today! yippee!

Great to celebrate the 4th holiday. May get to see hot air balloons fly over the house.