Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Saturday

Today was a busy day at our gallery and studio.  We had a bus tour from South Dakota this afternoon, inquiries about Girl Scout fusing and fiber art classes, guests from several different cities in Nebraska and people just stopping in because they saw our unique birdhouse display outside. Glenn used to make birdhouses for fun and we still have a few left. Birds really use them for their home too so that is a great thing. FYI:  We also have felted bird pods....very environmentally friendly.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Colors, New Beginnings

Just spent an afternoon last week at the University of Nebraska textile dyeing lab in a class taught by Jay Rich on Indigo dyeing.  Love the results  and color variance of my sample pieces.  Since I love indigo and my teacher Akemi Cohn has encouraged me to work bigger, I have plans for creating a couple of large pieces.  Cutting out the stencil for katazome will take some time.

I have also been designing some more stencils and cutting them out.  

Also just got an email from Spoonflower that my design with watercolor and ink did not make it into the semi-finals for the Kauffman fabric design contest.  There were over 750 entries, wow! Try, try again! At least several of my friends liked it.  The sample had to be really small. I will continue to perfect my skill using that source also.  Wish me luck.